Welcome to Dan Olsen Studios photography

Music has always been a big part of my life, from classical piano concertos to Jazzy blues, and on to the many amazing singer song writers of whom I admire for their wholehearted writing and playing styles, Music endlessly gives, providing companionship, motivation, and most of all inspiration. I started playing guitar in the second decade of my life, then one day a piano fell into my lap and that moment the Piano became my primary instrument. My style is simple, basic melodies, with writing rooted on both personal and observational experiences. I aim to capture or suspend moments and feelings with natural simplicity. While there is a place for studio style recording and perfect arrangements, I personally love the natural raw sounds of live acoustic music in a small environment.  while most of my song writing is in pop style there are small pieces of music and interludes that hold a feeling without words and are left to the interpreter.

Dan Olsen